Use Pressure Washer to Paint Exteriors


With less time and less effort, pressure washers’ paint can blast away years worth of dirt and grime. You have many options when choosing a pressure washer. Any model will work, whether it’s hot or cold water, PSI, or gallons per minute. It’s up to you how complicated your system is.

What a pressure washer can do for you

It is possible to clean almost anything using the right combination of power, nozzles, attachments, and cleaning solutions. They let you to:

  • Take your car for a wash.
  • Get rid of stains and discolorations on a wood deck.
  • Wash a driveway/sidewalk
  • Prepare a fence for staining or painting by cleaning it.
  • Maintain roofs.
  • Wash patio furniture.
  • Maintain your ATV or boat.

Most likely, it can be pressure washed if it can be taken outside.

One of the major problems with pressure washers is the price.

The warranty on machines purchased from local retail outlets does not last nearly as long as the machine itself. You will need these units repaired when you need them most. When you use a good machine for many years, the extra cost pays for itself.

Selecting the right unit is crucial. Consider these factors.

  1. Most cleaning jobs can be handled with 1500 psi. When power washing your deck or home, you’ll need to use a higher pressure. For instance, decks should be cleaned before staining with a minimum of 2000 psi, and houses must be washed before a paint job.
  2. There are gas and electric options available. Gas machines perform better and are more portable. Generally, gas power units produce more pressure and are more efficient.
  3. A pressure washer typically comes with a 50-foot hose. Is it enough? Check the unit’s capacity before ordering.
  4. Cheap models generally have only one nozzle tip attached to the wand. Attached to the wand is a long tube. It is necessary to replace the tips as they wear out. It is more expensive to replace the entire gun assembly than just the tip.
  5. A variety of accessories and tips are available. Standard equipment includes four tips.
  • Surfaces, including wood, will be damaged by the spray pattern at 0° Degree.
  • 15° Degree – Ideal for difficult tasks. Power washing is the best choice before staining or painting your wood deck or home.
  • You can use 25° temperature to remove dirt from your homes, such as dust and dirt.
  • Cleaning at 40° Degrees is light duty.
  1. Parts are easier to obtain for name brands, but they are more expensive. All power tools need repairs at some point. Choose a brand that is easily repaired locally. Typically, your local paint retailer can do this.
  2. The majority of brands can inject chemicals directly into the water. Chemical streams are generally subjected to a lower pressure than water alone. Cleaning chemicals such as soaps, degreasers, or specialized wood deck cleaners can be used.
  3. A variety of power washer accessories are available. There are various items available, from flexible wands for washing your car to concrete floor cleaners to sandblasters. Many accessories require the pressure washer to have very high pressure and volume.
  4. Power washers of good brands can be expensive. Ask a neighbor or friend to share the cost.

If you intend to use the machine at home, you will need a smaller machine. A powerful commercial unit is not necessary for the average homeowner. An electric or gas power washer with a 1500 to 2000 psi pressure rating should work fine.


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