Is There Any Difference between 6061 Aluminum and 7075 Aluminum?


Aluminum Alloys are widely used in industries because of their benefits and uses. Aluminum metals have the best strength-to-weight ratio and good relative strength. The most used aluminum alloys in industries are 6061 aluminum and 7075 aluminum. As both alloys are different they have some different characteristics and uses.

This article will tell us about the features of aluminum 6061 vs 7075 aluminum. Before selecting the material, it is important to understand its characteristics and differences to select the best option for constructing anything. It will help you to understand which alloy should be used and when it shouldn’t be used.

6061 Aluminum

The 6061 aluminum is a member of the 6000 series. It is important for many trades due to its characteristics like versatility and mechanical properties.6061 aluminum is less costly than its characteristics and significance.

It is corrosion-resistant, has better tensile strength, and best machinability. It is the best option for electrical products, and piping customer products because of its workability.

7075 Aluminum

7075 aluminum is a member of the 7000 series. Its main component is zinc. It is known for its increased strength than 6061 aluminum. Due to its increasing strength ability, it is used in the aerospace industry.

It can also cope with fatigue stress which makes it the best option for industries. Aluminum 7075 is costly. It is used in Aircraft frames, high-end bicycle components, etc.

6061 Aluminum Vs 7075 Aluminum

As discussed above 6061 aluminum is a member of the 6000 series. The main component in the 6061 series is silicon and magnesium. On the second hand, 7075 aluminum is a member of the 7000 series and its main component is zinc and copper.

Yield Strength

7075 aluminum alloy has higher yield strength than 6061 aluminum. 7075 aluminum is stronger so it can cope with more pressure without changing its shape, volume, length, etc. The yield strength in 7075 aluminum is due to the composition of chemicals. But you cannot say that 6065 aluminum has weak yield strength, it just has less yield strength than 7075 aluminum.

Electrical Resistivity

Low Electrical resistivity means that the material is a good Electrical conductor. 6061 alloy has lower Electrical resistivity than 7075 aluminum so it means that 6061 aluminum is a good Electrical conductor.


Elasticity is known as resistance to deformation, which means it resists change when pressure is applied to the metal. 6061 aluminum and 7075 aluminum have equal elastic deformation. The reason is that both alloys are made up of aluminum so they have equal elasticity.

Temperature Resistance

Temperature resistance can be known by comparing their melting points. 7075 aluminum has a 477-635 degrees centigrade temperature that is lower than 6061 aluminum which has a melting point of 585-652 degree centigrade.

The 6061 aluminum can bear more heat and can cope with higher temperatures than 7075 aluminum. This is due to the distribution of elements in the metal.

Metal Hardness

Metal hardness means that the metal can resist change when it is penetrated, or hit by a hard object, or pressure is applied to the metal by an object. Aluminum 7075 and aluminum 6061 both are hard to resist change, when pressure is applied and cracks don’t appear in the metal or any deformation.

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion means Rusting of any metal. Aluminum 6061 is more corrosion-resistant than aluminum 7075. The reason is that aluminum 6061 contains copper in its composition, as copper doesn’t rust easily that’s why aluminum 6061 is resistant to corrosion.


Aluminum 6061 has an edge over aluminum 7075 when we deal with fabrication because aluminum 6061 has lower hardness and tensile strength than aluminum 7075. As 6061 aluminum alloy is harder so it allows easy matching and Lower tensile is beneficial for form ability aluminum 6061 contains copper as the major component while aluminum 7075 contains zinc as the major component.


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