How To Use Charger Plates To Dress Up Your Holiday Table


Plates composed of rattan chargers or perhaps another material suitable for the such occasion may be one of the options you explore when shopping for seasonal table settings to be used for your holiday dinner. If you’re looking for festive place settings for your upcoming holiday meal, you might consider this. After learning more about it, you should decide if you want to add this decorative base to your table settings. You should consider how you will include it if you choose to do so.

Finding The Ideal Charging Plate

You don’t eat off a charger plate; instead, it serves as a foundation for your other dinnerware. Wicker chargers plate serves as a base for the leaves and bowls you’ll use to eat from. The scale is an excellent addition to a country kitchen. Maybe you have some white plates and want to spice things up with colorful place settings. Charger plates, called underplates or service plates, are decorative plates used to set the table.

Choose Eco-Friendly Charging Plates

If you want to do your part for the environment, use a charger plate made from sustainable materials. Because of this, you can continue leading or begin leading a sustainable lifestyle. Woven charger plates, for example, are crafted by hand rather than mass-produced in a factory. The less stuff we make in factories, the better for the planet. Charging dishes prepared from renewable resources like rattan or sea grass are available.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Good Pair Of Chargers

The dish shouldn’t stand out too much from the rest of the tableware. Charger plates should complement the silver, but you should also consider the table linens, tablecloths, centerpieces, and floral arrangements when setting the table. It would help if you thought about it when picking out a charger plate for the table.

Combine Your Charge Plates With Other Items

The versatility of charger plates means they can be used with various other tableware. One example is our rattan charger plates, which would complement any of our other handmade silver well. To complete your earthy table scape, consider adding our bamboo straws, wicker serving baskets, and woven placemats to these charger plates.


One option you explore when looking for holiday table settings for your celebratory dinner is using rattan chargers paired with plates made from another appropriate material for the occasion. If you’re in the market for some festive place settings for your upcoming Christmas dinner, you might want to give this some thinking. Consider incorporating this lovely base into your tables cape once you have more details about it in hand. Including it requires deliberate thought and preparation if you’re serious about doing so.


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