How to use VLC Mobile to transfer videos from a computer to an iPad

I'm writing this post because the procedure to transfer videos to VLC
for Mobile does not seem to be very well documented on the internet.

There are several ways to transfer videos from a computer to an iPad, 
but the VLC for Mobile iPad app has several advantages.

1) The rate of speaking can be slowed down or speeded without changing
the pitch of the speakers voices.

2) The frequency spectrum of the sound can be adjusted.  You can raise or
lower the treble or the bass.

3) The location within the video you are watching can be advanced or set
back, so you can easily replay a scene or skip over parts of the video.

Follow the steps below to use VLC for Mobile to transfer videos
to your iPad.

1) From the App Store on your iPad, download "VLC for Mobile" (it's free).

2) On your computer, bring up iTunes.

3) With a USB cable, connect your computer to your iPad.

4) In the iTunes window, after about 30 seconds, under the "Account" tab 
a small light grey image of an iPad will appear.  Click on that image.

5) In the iTunes window, under the listing for your iPad, under "Settings" 
at the end of the list, click on "File Sharing".

6) Then, to the right under "Apps", click on the VLC image.

7) Now, on the right you will see "VLC Documents".  Click on the
"Add File…" button at the bottom right.

8) Select the video on your computer that you want to transfer and
include its accompanying subtitle (.srt) file if it exists.  Click on the "Open" 
button in the iTunes window.  The file will then be added to VLC for Mobile
on your iPad.


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