App to convert raw data to 23andMe format

        App to convert raw data to 23andMe format

On the internet I found other apps that claim to convert Ancestry raw data to
23andMe format, but the ones I found have flaws.  Among others, none of them
handled the PAR1 and PAR2 regions of the X and Y chromosomes correctly. 
Depending on what SNPs one counts as being in PAR1 and PAR2, most of them
are heterozygotic or homozygotic.   In the app I wrote, I used the limits that

23andMe uses to define the heterozygotic or homozygotic ranges.

Here's how to use the app:

1. Down load the Ancestry to file. 
    Heres a link to it:

2. Unpack the Zip file into a folder.  

3. Copy your AncestryDNA.txt file into the same folder.  
   Make sure it is called AncestryDNA.txt.  

4. Double click on the Ancestry to 23andMe.exe file to run
   the program.  The program creates a file named
   "23andMe format file.txt" in the same folder.

5. Done!

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