App to convert raw data to 23andMe format

        App to convert raw data to 23andMe format

On the internet I found other apps that claim to convert Ancestry raw data to
23andMe format, but the ones I found have flaws.  Among others, none of them
handled the PAR1 and PAR2 regions of the X and Y chromosomes correctly. 
Depending on what SNPs one counts as being in PAR1 and PAR2, most of them
are heterozygotic or homozygotic.   In the app I wrote, I used the limits that

23andMe uses to define the heterozygotic or homozygotic ranges.

Here's how to use the app I wrote:

1. Download the "Ancestry to 23andMe.exe.jpg" file.
    Here's a link to it:

2. Remove the extension, ".jpg", so that just Ancestry to 23andMe.exe is left,
    and put the Ancestry to 23andMe.exe file into a folder.  (Keep&Share doesn't
    like files that end in ".exe".)

 3. Copy your AncestryDNA.txt file into the same folder.  Make sure it is called

4. Double click on the Ancestry to 23andMe.exe file to run the program.
    The program creates a file named "23andMe format file.txt" in the
    same folder.

 5. Done!

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