Gamma wave meditation aid

I built a circuit that flashes a 6 by 6 array of LED lights at
40 Hz (40 flashes per second).  This 40 Hz frequency
stimulates the brain to strengthen the level gamma waves
that it normally produces at that frequency.  This is said to
have a calming effect on your mood and to generate a sense
of well-being.  And is said to be an aid to meditation.  Also,
a 40 Hz flashing LED array, might alleviate the symptoms of
Alzheimer's disease, a small study has suggested.
Here is a link to the circuit:

The LED array I use in the circuit is this product on Amazon:

You could power it with a power bank, external battery for
charging smartphones. There are many of these on Amazon.
Also you could power it with a 5 volt voltage-regulated wall wart.


11 thoughts on “Gamma wave meditation aid

  1. Very very cool! Sure wish I could figure this out but the circuit diagram is greek to me. Actually I understand some Greek. Can someone w no experience make this? Thanks!

    • Yes, and it works just fine.  I have it’s LED array sitting on my desk,
      happily flashing. Perhaps the easiest way to test and adjust its
      frequency is by using an oscilloscope. I’m not sure, but I think there
      are free desktop software versions of oscilloscopes, which use the
      microphone input your computer likely already has, for input. 
      Otherwise, you could just use the values I have in the circuit, and
      that should be close.  But all component have a tolerance — accurate
      only to within a small percentage, so YMMV.

    • Yes, that’s the LED array I used.  There would be no point
      in providing a picture of the circuit, because the circuit
      diagram provides far more information than a picture
      would provide.

  2. Thanks for the info! I’m planning on making my own circuit using your plans. I’m no expert but I believe your circuit diagram should show the threshold and trigger pins tied together. Thanks again!

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