Call Screener v4.01 for Conexant Chipset Modems (Zoom, Rosewill, TRENDnet, Sewell and others) – Updated for Windows 10

Call Screener v4.01 for Conexant chipset modems is a software app for 32 or 64 bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 that blocks unwanted phone calls on a landline phone.  Call Screener for Conexant chipset modems (hereafter called just “Call Screener”) includes the latest features of Call Screener v4, including:

●  The ability to gather from the internet the most complained about annoying callers and to automatically include them in the user's call blocking list.

●  A button on its user interface to initiate reporting of Do Not Call List violations to the National Do Not Call Registry.

●  Call blocking by caller name as well as by caller number.  Blocking by caller name makes it easy to block all calls from, for example, “800 Service” or “Card Services”, no matter what number appears on the caller ID.

●  A “black list” of caller numbers or names to be blocked.  An individual blocking message can be associated with each number or name.  You are free to create your own blocking messages and to include them in Call Screener.  In addition to caller numbers and caller names you enter, the black list can optionally include blocking of anonymous calls, “out of area” calls, “unavailable” calls, and calls for which no caller ID is received.

●  A “white list” of numbers that are always accepted.  One use of the white list is to include particular numbers from, for example, “800 Service” if you otherwise block those calls.

●  The ability to provide a comment notation in the call block list to the right of a blocked caller number or caller name, which makes the list more compact and easier to comprehend in a single glance.

Changes for version 4.01
New feature: Ability to block all calls except for those on the Accept Always list.
Bug fix: Fixed the Accept Always bug.

Suggested Modems
Only modems built with Conexant chipsets will work with Call Screener for Conexant chipset modems.  Call Screener's author uses a TRENDnet TFM561U external modem and has found it to work well.  But just about any USB modem that supports voice and caller ID, and has a Conexant chipset should work just fine.  Some of these are: the Rosewill RNX-56USB, the Zoom 3095, the Sewell SW-29644, the Dell NW147, and the Lenovo RD02-D400.  Some of the newer PCI internal modems that have Conexant chipsets may work just fine too.

Here's a link to the Call Screener for Conexant chipset modems kit:

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